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Los Lunas Leading Martial Arts Academy

3469 Main Street 47 NW, Los Lunas NM.87031
Tel: 505-318-6803


Mrs. Lovato

Master H. has taught my grandson so much during the time that he has come.  His grades have improved and his teachers have said he is doing so much better in school.                                               Thank you IMAF for caring about our kids. 

Ken & Melanie

Master Hallmark,  I want to thank you for being an amazing beacon of positivity for our community and our Karate family. You restored much needed confidence in Lucas when he was feeling deflated earlier this week. 

We know your dojo will continue to be a great success and are grateful to be part of it. You are a saving grace in these troubled times! 

Thomas Godel

Impact Martial Arts and Fitness is such a great place to be.  We drive from Albuquerque to Los Lunas just to be in this class. My son loves it and has been challenging himself to every task that Master H. has given him.                                            Thank you Master H. for being a part of our family.