A Little About Senior Master Hallmark PhD.


Hi, my name is Lori Hallmark. With over 32years of experience in the martial arts...I too am still training for that excellence that we all want to achieve. I have studied, Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, Ju-jitsu, Kajukenbo, Yoshukai Karate, Shorin-Ryu and Tae Kwon Do. With so many martial arts styles out there, I have been training and teaching in Tae Kwon Do for the last 28 years. I read in a great book, "Zen in the Martial Arts," a story called empty your cup. That story stuck with me and I have diligently trained my mind and my body to empty my cup. I like to learn new things. Watch my students has they grow and put their heart and soul into their Kata's or sparring. That is where a true instructor can say they have emptied their cup. By learning from even their own students. My Self Defense experience is widespread. I myself have been in the situations that have made me have to literally fight for my own life. So when I train my students, I train them in life skills for real life situations. At 4 or 5 year old child can not be taught martial arts punches and kicks to defend themselves from a grown man attacking them. A teenage girl can not use punches and kicks to get away from a rapist or kidnapper. And an elderly women or man can't defend themselves from a person bullying them or taking from them. These are the things that our society has gotten to, and every age needs to be able to take care of themselves in a manner that best fits themselves.  Statistics show that most kidnappings or abuse come from someone we know and trust. The hardest thing for someone to do is get over their connection with that person to defend themselves. So, what do you do?


You Train Hard, Work Hard and don't be fooled into thinking that a "One Day Seminar " will enable you to defend yourself. It only gives you a false sense of security.


I have earned my 8th Degree Black Belt under Grand Master Rick Stanford & Grand Master G Ong

I hold my Doctorate in Asian Philosophies.

I am the Vice President of the International Tae Kwon Do Confederation 

I am the Founder of the International Women of Martial Arts Hall of Fame

I have been studying Tae Kwon Do for 30 years.

Member of USA Hall of Fame 2013 Leading Female Instructor in Tae Kwon Do

Member of the USA Hall of Fame 2014 Leading Female Martial Arts Master Instructor of the Year

Lifetime Member of the Alliance

Certified Authorized Instructor under the Alliance

An Alliance Official Charter School

U.S. National Martial Arts Team "Alliance" Official School

State Director of the Alliance

UNM Valencia Campus Martial Arts Professor

Proclamation Recipient from the City of Belen

Member of United States Association of Martial Artists

USAMA #1 Martial Arts Instructor 2013

Member of Karate For Christ International

Member of the United States Karate Alliance

Member of Southern Karate Association

Member of United Tae Kwon Do International

World Champing in Sparring 1996

State Black Belt Championship in Kata 1996

World Champion in Kata 1996

State Black Belt Champion in Sparring 1997

State Black Belt Champion in Kata 1997

State Black Belt Champion in Kata 1998

World Champion 1999


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