Impact Martial Arts & Fitness is dedicated to its students and families. We are here five days a week, and have tournaments & functions on the weekends.  We strive for the excellence that you are looking for. You have the opportunity to develop an on going training relationship with the Instructors & Coaches. We  have grown to be the number one school sought after in New Mexico. Our programs are designed to fit the individual needs of each student.  We are an elite group of dedicated Martial Arts instructors that ensure your student gets the best training.  We will make sure  your student Trains hard, learns Respect, and has the right Focus on Life.  We have the best facility, the best attitude, and what you want in a quality school. Our students prepare themselves for the real world,

and for real life situations.

IMAF focuses upon the development of each individual who participates in our Reality Based Martial Arts programs. Unique to the martial arts community, IMAF provides family classes where parents have the option to participate alongside their children. We also provide kid classes, classes for children beginning at the age of 5 and adult classes. Our direct method of self defense is designed to be effective in the real world and not to provide the flash seen in movies. We provide techniques that you will find are applicable to real world situations such as grabs, punches, various strikes, defense against weapons, and multiple attackers. Our well rounded curriculum allows for you to learn how to punch, kick, joint lock, defend from the ground, and much more. As an added plus, we also provide group fitness classes to heighten your overall fitness and health, reduce body fat and build lean muscle. All of which helps you in applying the techniques taught to you within our

martial arts program.